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  AQUATHERMA Engineering supplies a full range of water treatment systems using conventional as well as high technology processes.

Major processes include: Clarification and Disinfection, Filtration, Softening and Deionization, Desalination and Chemical Treatment.
 Clarification & Disinfection
Improved and reliable conventional systems are offered for clarification applications. Advanced systems, using titled plates and others are also offered for highly demanding applications.

Disinfection systems offered by AQUATHERMA Engineering include Chlorination, UV Sterilizers, Ozone Treatment and others.
AQUATHERMA Engineering provides solutions to virtually any filtration or separation.

Basic technologies such as Cartridge Filters, Multimedia Filters for removal of suspended solids of all kind. Carbon Filters for removal of taste, odor, color and chlorine excess.

Membrane Filtration for nanofiltration and ultra filtration.
 Softening and Deionization
The ion exchange technology is used in application requiring water softening, selecting ion removal or complete demineralization.

AQUATHERMA Engineering offers a full range of softeners, twin and mixed bed demineralizers.
Using the reverse osmosis technology, AQUATHERMA Engineering desalt sea water as well as brackish water for both potable and industrial use.

Alternatively, where economical, thermal processes are used achieving the same results.
 Chemical Treatment
Chemical Treatment is used in combination with other treatment technologies, reducing or eliminating organic and inorganic contamination in water streams.

Furthermore, AQUATHERMA Engineering offers a full range of water treatment chemicals for cooling towers, boilers, closed systems, as well as water conditioners, descalers and defoulants.

In order to complete its water treatment installation, AQUATHERMA Engineering also designs and executes all the hydraulic equipment required to provide complete turn key plants.
-Pumping Stations
-Water network
-Regulation and Instrumentation