Swimming pool, Fountain, Jacuzzi Solar, Sauna and Steam
 Solarite Solar System
  • Solarite Collector
- Aluminum Frame 1.5 mm
- Insulation 5 cm Glasswool or Polyurethane
- Low - Iron Glass 4 mm
- 10 Copper Pipes Ultrasonic Welding or 12 Aluminum Pipes
- Selective Surface Coating
- ISO 9002 International Standard Quality
- TÜV German Quality Certificate
  • Solarite Boiler
- 3 mm Galvanized Steel
- Insulation 5 cm Glasswool or Polyurethane
- Covering Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Aluminum
- Double Circuit, to protect against Calcification & Freezing
- Electric Heater to back up Solar Energy in very bad weather
- Special Design for villas, hotels, hospitals...

 Sauna and Steam
AQUATHERMA Engineering is the leader in the steam bath and sauna execution, AQUATHERMA Engineering provides all range of equipment and accessories.