Swimming pool, Fountain, Jacuzzi Solar, Sauna and Steam
 Swimming pool

AQUATHERMA Engineering offers a full range of Swimming Pool Equipment:
Filters, Pumps, Disinfection Systems, Lighting, Fittings, all kind of Heating, Pipes and Accessories for Indoor and Outdoor, Residential, Public and Olympic Pools.

AQUATHERMA Engineering can execute any type of pool that meets your dream:
Skimmer Type, Overflow Type or others….


AQUATHERMA Engineering is a leader in the execution of Fountains.

It can provide :

- Any possible Effect
- Music and Lighting
- Pumping and Filtration systems
- Adequate Controls


AQUATHERMA Engineering provides a full range 
of S.P.A. (Jacuzzi) equipment 
to achieve :

- Filtration
- Disinfection
- Warmth 
- Hydromassage for Relaxation