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   Plant Design  
AQUATHERMA Engineering Sewage Treatment Plants, (STP) are designed to treat a variety of raw sewage from various sources, producing different discharge quality to meet each of the specific local requirements, all however meeting the international environmental standards.

AQUATHERMA Engineering sewage treatment plants utilize the extended aeration process for the reduction of the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) loading, being the main regulated discharge parameter.

By providing sufficient oxygen levels and mixing, the microorganisms are allowed to breakdown the organic impurities in the raw sewage.

This is featured through a five-step Treatment process: comminution and screening, diffused aeration, clarification, sludge recirculation and disinfection.
 Treated Sewage Quality
AQUATHERMA Engineering Sewage Treatment Plants produce treated effluent levels of 20 mg/l BOD and 30 mg/l suspended solids.

This treated water is enough safe to be discharge in the underground water table or in surface river.

 Tertiary treatment and Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) are further options to improve the discharge qualities. 

ASF and ACF multi-media Filtration Systems are used to achieve the tertiary treatment levels of 10 mg/l BOD and 10 mg/l suspended solids.

Further treatment, using technologies such as Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exhange produces water for reuse and recycle in all applications.
 Typical Features
  • Cylindrical or rectangular design (Circular Design available for special site requirements).
  • Polyethylene tanks for small plants.
  • Welded carbon steel or steel bolted basins with interior and exterior lining suitable for above and below ground installation (tanks can also be constructed in concrete on site).
  • Aeration accomplished by Air Diffusers or Surface Aerators.
  • Single housing for controls motors and blowers.
  • It can be installed and started up in few days.
  • The waste treatment plant may be transferred easily from one location to another when municipal sewerage facilities become available.
  • Optional equipment are available: Comminuter, Froth Control System, Chemical Pretreatment, Covers, Grease Trap, Grit Removal Chamber, Oil/Water Separator, Hydro pneumatic Systems, Storage Tanks, De-Nitrification Systems, Filtration Systems, Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Systems, Sludge Thickeners and Belt Presses, Test Equipment.
 Services & Parts
AQUATHERMA Engineering maintains stock of spare parts consumables and chemicals to be made available to its customers in the shortest possible time. Operation, maintenance and field services are available. 

Qualified technicians and engineers are available at all time to respond to customer's questions and/or request for services.